Looking to join our club or renew your membership? It all begins here. There are many ways to become involved with the club. We recommend you come to one of our weekly meetings and hear what we are all about, or try one of our monthly happy hours just to meet us and socialize.

Do I have to attend meetings?

Nope! Unlike some other ski clubs where you must attend every meeting, volunteer for duties, be voted in by nomination, etc…We do none of that. We realize everyone has their own lives and a busy schedule. Come to our meetings as often as you like, or as little as your schedule permits.

Do I have to be a skier?

Nope! Despite the name of the club, we accept skiers and snowboarders alike. We also welcome those who haven’t tried either, but are interested in skiing/snowboarding, as well as making a lot of new friends.

Do I have to be a Hoboken resident?

Nope! Although the majority of our members live in and around Hoboken, Jersey City, and New York, you can live pretty much anywhere you like and still be a member.

Do I have to be over 21 to join the club?

Yep! You must be 21 or over to become a member.

How do I join the club?

You can become a member of the club in three ways:

  1. Come to one of our meetings and sign up in person.
  2. Read the HSC Policies, complete and sign the Membership Form, and mail it in with a check for $40 to the Hoboken Ski Club, c/o Membership, P.O. Box 1364, Hoboken, NJ 07030. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope so that your membership card can be mailed to you. If an envelope is not provided, your membership card will be held for pick up at a regular Tuesday night meeting.
  3. Apply online. Signing up for a membership online costs $45, to account for processing fees.